“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Picasso



I’m Logan. I am currently a Junior at Kennesaw State University in the School of Art and Design. I am pursuing a degree in Graphic Design but my foundation and first love is graphite drawing. My favorite thing to draw is photo realism. I consider it an act of worship to see the incredible details throughout creation and replicate them in an artwork.

I believe that fine arts such as drawing, painting, and 3D arts are essential to the foundation of a skilled designer. I am passionate about graphic design because it requires me to have an educated and business focus mind while being creative and breaking the boxes of what has been done before. It challenges me to understand my audience and purpose before even touching a pencil or clicking a trackpad. It involves psychology and the subconscious, yet is organic and limitless.

I have worked with a number of businesses, organizations and individuals to help tell their stories, sell their products, and communicate their ideas. I love that every design is a new challenge with new questions to be answered. To design is to solve problems, create a voice, and cultivate clarity.

Thanks for reading,